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Smurfs Village Cheats & Codes

Smurfs Village Cheats + Code to get Fast Cash from Crops. You can get some cash quick from your crops by playing with the time a little. First, head to your phone’s Settings menu and choose “General.” Next, select “Date and Time” and turn off “Set Automatically” and change the time for your crops manually. [...]

March 26, 2012 | 130 Comments More

How To Get Unlimited Smurfberries And Coins For Smurfs Village – Cheats/Hack

Smurfs Village Hack to get Unlimited Smurfberries and Coins Tutorial for Smurfs Village. :Here are the links: for the files for Smurfs Village Hack Hex workshop: iphone explorer: Make Sure to Backup your File before attempting this hack! TOO GET UR STUFF BACK and UNDO the PUNISHMENT JUST DELETE THE HACKED FILES AND [...]

March 26, 2012 | 130 Comments More

Smurfs’ Village 1.3.2 is Full of Smurfy iTune

The Smurfs’ Village 1.3.2 update include a bunch of new decorations for the Smurfs island, as it was expected. The main change in this update is the silo, to accelerate multiple plots simultaneously to beeline. The silo costs 15 Smurfberries and is available in the Smurfs village and the island , however Smurfberries are needed [...]

January 14, 2013 | 0 Comments More

Crashes after Halloween Update when traveling to the island

A lot of Smurfs village players whom had updated the Halloween update, could experience difficultly with crashes. Both platform users (Apple iOS and Android) are encountering this problem, whatever devices they are using, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPads, iPods, tablets, and other Android devices. The reason some people have problems and others don’t is due [...]

October 31, 2012 | 7 Comments More

Vampire Bat Limited Items only for Halloween

The Vampire Bat is just not like the other seasonal items that will disappear after the Halloween update , if you buy it will remain permanently with your village. If the offer hasn’t already popped up in your village you might check the start tab generally menu, you will find daily offers there. 1000 XP [...]

October 31, 2012 | 0 Comments More

Android update: version 1.1.1a

What’s new in 1.1.1a? Tracker Smurf joins the village! Place down Tracker’s cauldron to participate in his soup events to earn bonus xp for everything you do until the soup runs out. Complete his checklists to earn even more bonus xp until the end of the event! – More Lucky Smurf items can be found! [...]

August 2, 2012 | 22 Comments More

iOS version 1.2.4 is live and available for download!

What’s New in Version 1.2.4 – Brainy now has a hut in the village which grants you bonus XP and coins when harvesting crops, and adds the ability to harvest all withered crops at once! – Palm trees are now available for purchase on the island! – New items are available in the village and [...]

August 2, 2012 | 8 Comments More

Smurfs village Version 1.2.2 Update for IOS Players

Many New features and decorations were added to Smurfs village. as well as a new level was added. A new smurfs “Lucky Smurf” was added at level 14. So what’ s new According to Beeline official description: – Build a summer house for Smurfette on the island! Play her sunbathing minigame to make the lovesick [...]

June 24, 2012 | 17 Comments More

Harmony Smurf

In update 1.1.9 for the Smurfs village, players are introduced to Harmony Smurf. A musician by trade was a character par excellence of the series since the very beginning. It’s great to see him finally get some of the Smurf Village. Harmony Smurf plays his horn trumpet brass Smurftastic during the celebrations, special announcements at [...]

April 20, 2012 | 5 Comments More

What’s New in Version 1.1.9?

What’s New in Version 1.1.9 A few new Smurfs join the village in 1.1.9 – Harmony Smurf , hut and mini game now available on the island. Harmony’s Music Match-Up mini game contains 10 songs that you can unlock as background tracks for the island. – New Snappy Smurfling character, hut and quests for the [...]

April 18, 2012 | 6 Comments More