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Smurfs village Version 1.2.2 Update for IOS Players

Many New features and decorations were added to Smurfs village. as well as a new level was added. A new smurfs “Lucky Smurf” was added at level 14. So what’ s new According to Beeline official description: – Build a summer house for Smurfette on the island! Play her sunbathing minigame to make the lovesick [...]

June 24, 2012 | 17 Comments More

Smurfs Village Cheats & Codes

Smurfs Village Cheats + Code to get Fast Cash from Crops. You can get some cash quick from your crops by playing with the time a little. First, head to your phone’s Settings menu and choose “General.” Next, select “Date and Time” and turn off “Set Automatically” and change the time for your crops manually. [...]

March 26, 2012 | 131 Comments More

How To Get Unlimited Smurfberries And Coins For Smurfs Village – Cheats/Hack

Smurfs Village Hack to get Unlimited Smurfberries and Coins Tutorial for Smurfs Village. :Here are the links: for the files for Smurfs Village Hack Hex workshop: iphone explorer: Make Sure to Backup your File before attempting this hack! TOO GET UR STUFF BACK and UNDO the PUNISHMENT JUST DELETE THE HACKED FILES AND [...]

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