How To Get Unlimited Smurfberries And Coins For Smurfs Village – Cheats/Hack

| March 26, 2012 | 130 Comments

Smurfs Village Hack to get Unlimited Smurfberries and Coins Tutorial for Smurfs Village.

:Here are the links: for the files for Smurfs Village Hack

Hex workshop: http://download.cnet.com/Hex-Workshop/3000-2352_4-10004918.html

iphone explorer: http://www.macroplant.com/iphoneexplorer/

Make Sure to Backup your File before attempting this hack!

This Smurfs Village Cheats might not work if you mess up!

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  1. [...] smurfs village Cheats Cheats/Hack, Coins, Smurfberries, Smurfs, Unlimited, Village [...]

  2. CHUCK says:

    Hi Guys,

    Awesome video, thanks. I could not make it work, I got stuck on the second set of changes of the hex code on the safebackup.smurfmap Kept getting an error “the specified search string was not found”

  3. CHUCK says:


  4. Monica says:

    My husband tried this hack for me, I was on level 15 with 27 smurfs and about 15 houses… I had paid for smurfberries and had gotten smurfette, painter, vanity, baby, hefty, handy, miner, timber, greedy, farmer, etc. but when he went to the hex files, the documents folder only had the safebackup map but not the other one you mentioned. So for some reason he went and screwed with the default one in addition to the safebackup one, and instead of my smurfberries and coins going up I’ve gone down to 2 available smurfs, all my houses and bridges are gone, and the village layout is completely different (has a beach with a pirate ship). Of course he didn’t save the original files first… is there anyway to restore the default map file or get a copy of it? And where do you get the second map file if it’s not already in the documents folder in hex workshop? I want to get back the things I spent real money for to get smurfberries. Thanks for any help -

    • Elaina says:

      Is the map perhaps a little like it has… How do I put this, a stream?Into the game you can unlock an island you must have that..He must have moved up your level just tap the boat so papa smurf and another smurf(s) will go to it travelling to the original map..Lcky bcus something happened with my village and have to start all over again was at level 34

      • Kay says:

        You don’t have to restart the game, you go to options and click several times on Papa Smurf until another “button” appears on the bottom right, going there you can restore your game from a previous date. The game saves itself everyday and you can choose how far back you want to restore. You will loose everything you did after but it’s better than restarting the whole game.

    • Leah says:

      Yes Monica there is
      If you go to the main menu then click options there should be a papa smurfs head next to restart game
      Keep clicking his head and a new button will pop up ‘restore village’
      Select one and preview it if it’s your old village then good.
      Hope this helps!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Monica, to restore your village, try going to settings on the start menu, then click on papa smurf’s head 16 times. A new icon should pop up, that says “restore village”. Then u can select a time where you want to restore it to(łł give u a preview). Hope that helped :)

    • Anonymous says:

      To get it back you need to go to options tap papa smurfs head 16-17 times tap restore then choose where you want to start again

  5. Monica says:

    Ok, I figured out how to restore my village from tapping Papa smurf’s head 16 times in the options menu. But where do I get the other map file for iPhone explorer if I ever do want to try this hack??

  6. smurfluvers says:

    this hack is for which version? it didnt work out for latest 1.1.8 / 1.1.9 version. any idea how to hack for this latest version? thanks :)

  7. Dri says:


    I tried everything you said, successfully changed but nothing happened :( I have the last updated version, is that why it doesn’t work?

  8. juli says:

    i looked up what u said but i dont have the files u was talking about

  9. Luis says:

    Had a look at latest smurfvillage version. Not all files in the vide are present in that version. Following files contain your coins and smurfberries coded:


    But modifying those files doesn’t make the trick. Tried also several combinations e.g., only one file, two files or the three of them without success. At some combinations, smurfvillage just starts as normal. With other combinations, it says it can’t find old village.

    In the end, I just put back originals and the game is at original stage. Has anyone found out which files need to be updated?

    • wiip says:

      Indeed, I tried several combinations…
      Who can tell, which files should be edited with version 1.2.1?

    • kristi says:

      this is the same thing i have tried ….i have 1.2.4 ver and have tried several times but no good….man i need help too

  10. Alexandera says:

    Is this only for iPhone? Can someone tell me if it’s works for android and how? Please……

  11. ben says:

    Thanks for the hack. When i go onto iexplorer, it comes up with map_gc etc, but not safemap bla bla, instead it comes up with beforesafebackup and theap gc bla bla. Should i edit this one aswell?

  12. Cutecat says:

    I want smurf berry

  13. Iepure says:

    Better get iAp Cracker from Cydia

  14. phoebe says:

    took 2 hours and didnt work

  15. Randa says:


    Followed the procedures as your video and I can save the changed file into iexplorer, but when i play the game, the coins and smurfberry are still remain unchanged. Pls advise how I can do. Thank you in advance for your reply.

  16. Natalie says:

    Is there any way i can hack it on an android phone?

  17. friendly90 says:

    R there any cheats for android as I can’t seem to do it…

  18. jeslyncrystal says:


    Thanks for the video. I could not make it work, I got stuck on the second set of changes of the hex code on the safebackup.smurfmap Kept getting an error “the specified search string was not found”. Can please help?

  19. Chianna says:

    That’s an expert answer to an itneersting question

  20. TROLL says:


  21. Miz says:

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  22. otje says:

    This doesn;t work i just download the newest smurfs maybe thats the problem but it doesn’t work tried my best i wishesd it worked please help :S

  23. Adrian says:

    this is very good, but with my game the changes are not taken.
    Can you hack my two files when I’m sending to you?
    Would be very nice.

    Best regards,

  24. Frans says:

    I succeeded with the first file, but failed in the second file. Because the Smurf Village (SV) version 1.2.2.

    What version of SV that you use?
    Where can I get the old version of SV, such as version 1.1.2

  25. dark says:

    only for iphone

  26. bjorn says:

    i did al you did in the video and i got stuk on the island

  27. Papa Smurf says:

    Save your games in Gamecenter!!! Do the hacks in airplane mode and if you get messed up… Delete the app and reinstall. When you start a new game Gamecenter will ask if you which map you want to use and then you can pick your latest!!!

  28. Smurf fan says:

    Any luck on hack for version 1.2.2? The coins and smurfberries stay the same unless you also change “beforesavebackup_MAP_GC_G_622580395.smurfmap”, then the game resets to the begining and you have to restore your original files.

    • Anonymous says:

      backup your original files incl. timedbackup etc. and then try folling options:
      1. delete the timedbackup file
      when your changes not apply
      2. try to find the default0.smurfmap
      make your changes in this file which in the others and run the game

      Attention!! Backup your original files (all files you will edit later)

      Best regards

  29. valaki10 says:

    hi i’m having promblem with the iphone explorer. i have itunes installed but the iphone explorer when i open it says that the itunes are not installed and doen’t open or have any files in. what sould i do? please help…

  30. atixxe says:

    you should update your itunes…check itunes version program wants the latest

  31. Caitlin says:

    Dous it work?

  32. Anonymous says:

    bah, doesn’t work anymore

  33. PJk says:


    when you want to do this, do you have to jailbreak your Iphone or Ipad?
    and if you do not have to, does it works on 1.2.4?


  34. Shachar says:

    Hi do u know how can i get unliNited smurfberries on the android version?

  35. kristi says:

    i have version 1.2.4 and i have tried can someone help me figure it out …i get alot of string notfound and other errors

  36. Anymous says:

    What a risk to hack like that

    I have a simple way to hack smurf berry, what you need is just jailbroken your device, then install iapcracker from your cydia, well next step is you can buy smurfberry without cost nothing :D i have 130k smurf berry right now

  37. Anonymous says:

    Hi…somebody tell to how to get a unlimited smurfberries?

  38. Rita says:

    Can anyone tell me how to get unlimited smurfberries and coins for version 1.2.5? Please help

  39. Rita says:

    Need help. Anyone know how to get unlimited smurfberries and coins for version 1.2.5. Please help. Please!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      You need jailbroken device, if you jailbroken, install IAPcracker from cydia you can get that from repo, well after you done install that, you just buy smurfberry with usually , but this time you will not asked to purchase from apple store, it will automatically get smurfberry, i hope this can help, any question you can email me at rudy_asiongz_19@yahoo.com

  40. Some random elephant says:

    I tried this hack and I hack and on the hex thing it couldn’t find my smutfberries or my coins could it be that I had too little?

  41. Mohsen says:

    thanks for that
    hope you can do something about bloons td 4
    i want have lots money on that game too

  42. Ravenwind says:

    Well, in version 1.2.5 there is no file called safebackup.smurfmap… I got the file safebackup_MAP_GC_G_134etc…smurfmap Can you use timebackup_default01.smurfmap instead of the safebackup.smurfmap? Update your vid showing the crack for the latest village version 1.2.5. Would love to use it.

  43. abdullah says:

    I want unlimited blueberries for galaxy s3 ??

  44. Anonymous says:

    panu to gawen

  45. ivy says:

    help my iphone explorer is diffrent

  46. Stefan says:

    can i do this on lg optimus black?

  47. kiyotaka akechi says:

    on android u can use gameguardian.. can be download at blackmart… an u can easy to add coin or sberri..

  48. Anonymous says:

    Ok guys I just transferred my village from my Droid Razr Maxx to my new Ipod 5 both with the lastest versions.
    you will need root access on your android device, and iExplorer on your computer.

    Using root browser on the android device goto DATA / DATA the look for com.capcom.smurfsandroid.
    in that folder open the files folder you will see a list of your saved villages in form of dates (like 2012-10-28)
    just copy one of these files to your computer

    Now on your computer plug in your Apple device close itunes open iExplorer you will see your device open APPS , scroll to the smurfs folder, open the documents folder you will see a list of saved villages just copy the files from your computer to this folder.

    Now just start playing smurfs’ village and do a recovery by going to main menu select options tap Papa Smurf face 10 to 15 times a recover village option will appear tap this and look for the file you just copied to it will be a preview so you will not lose your old village yet, when you back out it will ask if you want to keep this village

  49. Rita says:

    As you can see, I chose blue butterflies itaensd of the birds, and also removed the background image as well as trimmed down the borders. Kind of minimalistic but still has style. Also I like the Georgia font, it is easy to read on screen. Thank you.

  50. Ronal says:

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  51. Anonymous says:

    How do i get smurfette and clumsy?

  52. Anonymous says:

    I need some help. Anyone knows wht is the answerbfor papa smurfs second riddle?

  53. Ralph Jason says:

    will this work in samsung tablet?

  54. sarah says:

    what would you do if you have no money and smufberries and how can you do it on a apple macbook?

  55. RANDY says:

    just did everything exactly you said and it doesn’t work.

  56. Captain says:

    Doesn’t work !!!!

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  60. Rkar says:


  61. firahastha27 says:

    Does it works for android? Reply please!!

  62. !Too Smurfy! says:

    I tried using the hex and iphone elxplorer cheat from that utube video and followed all the steps. It did not work for me either. I verified each step twice and my coins and smurfberries stayed the same. I have an iPhone 4 and the newest updated version of Smurf Village. Why did it not work? Can anyone help me get these 999 999 coins and smurfberries please?

  63. ibrahim says:

    I Want 999999 for Coins And Smurfberriers

  64. Kent says:

    I need some help if you can email me that would be good thanks

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  71. Anonymous says:

    I installed the Hew Workshop, but I can’t open it. Uninstalled it and installed it again a few times and always the came. What do I do? =(

  72. roystone m. obmana says:

    what is the cheat in smurf village

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