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| March 13, 2012 | 18 Comments

The Smurf Village app for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android brings the flair of children one after us back into the world of these little blue creatures.

The game starts with introduction into the backstory; Gargamel eventually found the Smurf Village and destroyed it. Now, all Smurfs are dispersed in the forest and Papa smurfs gives the player the task of rebuilding the village, because the houses are built from mushrooms, the Smurfs can return most of the forest to live in the new village.

But to make them stay in the village, the player does not just build houses for them, but also provide them with food. Therefore, for each of these little creatures in the village a garden can be constructed and used to grow food for them.

Early in the game, the player starts with a mushroom house for a smurf worker, the normal smurfs, Papa Smurf, garden and 300 coins. The first task is to build a garden, grow blueberries and harvest when ready and smurf worker has completed their jobs.

At each level the player can build a new home exactly mushrooms, so the goal is to level up and build houses for as many as possible for the Smurfs. This is achieved by earning XP (experience points), once a certain amount of XPs was collected, the player reaches the next level and a new mushroom house can be built. Moreover, generally with a new level also comes a new element (eg a bridge, a pond, flowers, etc.) which is unlocked and can now be used to decorate the village. Initially the amount of XP required to reach the next level is quite low, but at each level, it increases and it becomes harder to level up.

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  2. Malikatsab2 says:

    I can’t open my smurfs game

  3. nurul atiqah says:

    what is the meaning of BUILD A MYSTERY BOX SHOP?

  4. Sheryl Ng says:

    It is not easy, i only got until level 7. Rather difficult.

  5. cathy says:

    bridge cannot be placed so i cannot expand my village.

    • baljinder says:

      have you passed the level 13 where you have to build a new village after the seperation of the smurf becaue i try to build a village and every where i go it doesnt shoave you w the marks, evertime i put an object on the ground all i can see red boxes and notice saying you cannot place the object there, build a bridge and then put it their i tried evetyhing can you tell me how to place a new object in a new village?

      it is on level 13 aqfter the smurf sepearted and then you have to build a village for4 smurf but i cannot

  6. baljinder says:

    Hi i am stuck on level 13 in smurf village and i cant get pass the level because soon afetr the smurf seperated and ran away into the forest i cannot build a village i try to put huts, then it says i have to build a bridge i try doing that, but nothing happens, so i need your help to get pass the level and can you tell me how to build the village without any prob lems,
    i tru=ied placing the huts and the bridge but nothing happened at all same messsage keeps on apperaing ssaying you need to build a bridge and then hut and after that food. i tryed everything but nothing happens

    help please

  7. smurfslover11 says:

    In level13 I did not have to build a bridge so I don’t know what your talking about

  8. I says:

    Im on level 17 and I’ve only once had a problem with it I was on level 42 and then it deleted everything on my iPad so I had to start again

  9. Seen says:

    I lost my village how to bake up pls pls help me

  10. Seen says:

    How to back up the game my village is level 32 but now level 12 pls pls help me

  11. J says:

    I have the same problem with level 13

  12. Sarah says:

    How do I harvest a pear tree for jokey if I can’t find a pear tree to buy? Any ideas?

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